x-Mobi Agency Banking

XMobi is an Agency Banking platform for our Clients that have deployed any Core Banking System. Instead of deploying fully-fledged SACCO branches, XMobi allows our Clients to partner up with already existing, independent businesses to act as agents of the SACCO for a commission of the transaction fees. XMobi has been deployed successfully in some our own clients that are using the XtremeERP Management Information System; and by institutions utilizing at least one other MIS. Since XMobi is based on mobile technology, the capital investment required is just a smart-phone, tablet or computer with an Internet connection. This makes it possible for the SACCO to have a presence in diverse locations, without any heavy capital outlay. The members benefit by getting services closer to them, the SACCO enjoys better customer relations, and the Agent makes a commission.

  • Advanced Security & Fraud Alerts
  • CORE Banking Features
  • QR Code Payments
  • Mobile Check Deposits

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