Our SMS Specialty
SMS Banking solution employs Bulk SMS Messaging, SMS Short-codes and USSD menus to provide a seamless banking solution for your clients without the need for a smartphone.

Bulk Messaging

Using Bulk Messaging, you can send SMS Messages directly to your member’s handsets. Whether it’s general messages such as new product notifications, or more specific messages like loan status information, Bulk Messaging allows you send branded messages at very high speeds.

SMS Short-Codes

Short-codes on the other hand allow members to submit requests to the SACCO by sending specific codes to a dedicated short-code number such as 22844.


To make it easier for members we can present a better User Experience by adopting USSD menu-driven operations. In this case, the member dials a specific short code eg *882# after which they are presented with a menu that has a list of options to chose from.

Our SMS Customer Scope

Cooperative Societies

Our SMS services can be intergrated on Saccos and MFIs institutions as secondary product that can be integrated with core banking system.

We can deploy our SMS services alongside the ERP that manage operations in churches and other related processes.

Learning Institutions

We offer SMS Services to schools, Colleges and Universities

Jumbostar as well partners with government institutions, County Governments and other related departments.

We partner with Digital Maketing firms in offering platform for promortional messaging.

We do provide our messaging to chail-stores and retails outlets such as supermarkets and wholesale itegrated with POS

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